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Avena Lavender Roller Ball - 10ml
Our Price: £5.99

Lavender essential oil has a very long history as a natural antiseptic and is also renowned for its ability to aid healing. It is therefore great for use on insect bites, stings, spots, scratches burns and grazes, making this a great travelling companion when going on holiday or even just out and about in the garden. Lavender can be used neat on the skin and this brilliant roller ball bottle is ideal for applying directly to bites and contains only great quality fresh Lavender essential oil. As an added bonus it smells great too!
Avena Muscle Cramp Oil - 100ml
Our Price: £6.50

This wonderfully relieving oil is designed for anyone suffering from frequently cramping muscles. Blended to penetrate deep into the muscle fibres, the rich combination of natural oils provides a triple strength rehabilitating action. Made with essential oils reputed to decrease muscle inflammation, help decrease muscle pain, decreased healing time for injuries to soft tissue, reduce muscle stiffness, help restore overstretched muscles and therefore prevent muscle cramps.
Avena Visible Veins Calendula Balm - 60ml Tub
Our Price: £6.99

This cream is one of our best selling and most raved about products. The base oil is Calendula which herbalists believe to be a wonderful skin healer and is widely used for the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, thread veins etc. plus acne, stretch marks, abrasions and burns.

The calendula flowers contain a variety of compounds which are believed to support wound and skin healing and repair. This product also contains a specific blend of essential oils also known to have been used through the ages on varicose veins to help reduce or clear swollen and scattered areas of blood flow resulting in an almost double strength treatment in one tub.
Avena Psoriasis Skin Oil - 100ml
Our Price: £7.25

Avena psoriasis skin oil has been designed to reduce the dry, flaky and peeling skin patches common with psoriasis through its fantastically rich sandalwood formula.
Avena Cystitis & Thrush Oil - 10ml Bottle
Our Price: £7.45

Made with essential oils containing anti fungal, bactericidal & antiseptic properties for a multitude of problems. The bottle has a insert in the top meaning the oil comes out in single drops.
Avena Relaxing Massage Oil - 100ml
Our Price: £7.95

Let your troubles float away with this soothing blend of essential oils that includes Lavender and Geranium. Infused with stress relieving properties, this wonderfully relaxing massage oil is the ideal tonic to a stressful day.

The careful blend of essential oils makes this treatment especially effective when calming and relaxing your body, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing and peace. This oil provides a wonderful massage glide and is rich in ingredients for nourishing, conditioning and moisturising the skin.

This oil is great for any kind of general massage. It is made with natural oils reputed to encourage physical calm, promote spiritual tranquillity, improve flexibility and range of motion in joints, improve circulation, increase the suppleness and elasticity of your muscles, help relax tight, tense muscles and aid restful sleep.
Avena Lavender Moisturising Skin Cream - 60ml
Our Price: £7.95

A lovely, natural Lavender Cream made from the highest quality fresh lavender. Can be used as a face, hand and body moisturiser. It also has a long list of dditional benefits including: soothing sunburn, dry or itching skin and insect bites, making this ideal to take on your travels. It's also great for burns. Apply before bed to relax and aid restful sleep or use a small amount on temples and forehead to ease headaches. Ideal for sensitive skin and children. This product contains only natural ingredients with no chemical additives. It is paraben free and SLS free. None of our products are tested on animals.
Avena Bug Oil - 100ml (Massage/ repellent oil)
Our Price: £7.95

Bug oil contains only natural ingredients and is blended to apply directly onto the skin. Containing a blend of oils including pure Citronella essential oil (well known as natures own insect repellent) with Peppermint and Lavender essential oils in a Castor Oil base which then acts as a protective barrier on your skin against harsh environmental conditions. A great bottle to have around the house or for holidays. A blended oil ready to use directly on the skin
Avena Camellia Oil Cold Pressed - 100ml Bottle
Our Price: £8.95

Our Camellia oil is cold pressed, rich in omega fatty acids and is very a hydrating oil. Often used for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis Camellia is a light, non-greasy oil making it great for applying to the skin and is becoming a very popular ingredient in skin care and beauty products as well as famed for use on the hair and scalp revitalising hair condition and growth. Fans of Camellia oil include Kate Winslet who used it to combat stretch marks.  Supplier Note: Quality and fresh products. We constantly source oils and trade socially aware ingredients from fastidious parts of the world so you can buy with confidence. Camellia Oil is also known as Thea Sinenis or Camellia Sinensis
Avena Childrens Eczema Skin Oil - 100ml Bottle
Our Price: £8.95

These Eczema Skin Oil blends are age-specific so please tell us the age of the child in the Comments section when ordering.
A natural skin oil, specifically developed to help ease eczema symptoms in children. Providing an excellent natural remedy, it contains a blend of pure essential oils reputed to help sooth and soften blemishes, ease itching and may even encourage the healing of the skin. Only a small amount is needed to leave a hydrating protective film on the skins surface ensuring fantastic relief. The natural oils permeate the skin providing a wonderful healing remedy for most types of eczema. The key benefits of this product are that it may promote immediate relief from itching, decrease scratching, relieve painful skin complaints, reduce dryness, improve skin healing, radically change skin health and condition, moisturise dry, scaly skin and reduce the possibility of infection. Contains Nut Oils.