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Cassia Oil (Ideal for your traditional Easter biscuits) - 10ml
Cassia Oil (Ideal for your traditional Easter biscuits) - 10ml

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10ml Pure Cassia Oil (Chinese Cinnamon). This hard to get hold of Food Grade oil is the essential ingredient if you want to bake traditional biscuits this Easter!

Please note: The label contains the standard "Do not ingest" warning that accompanies all essential oils, as the general advice is not to ingest, as by their nature they are very concentrated. A few drops of Cassia in a recipe is fine though, and is a much loved Easter tradition. The reason the warning remains is that is still not advisable for anyone to drink the contents of the bottle neat.

Easter Biscuits -
Ingredients for Basic Easter holiday butter biscuits/ cookies:
275g Plain Flour, 200g Butter, 150g Caster Sugar, 50g Currants (may be left out), 2 Egg Yolks, 6 drops of Cassia oil.

Quick & easy recipe: Mix the ingredients together. If the mix is a little dry, add a little milk. Roll and cut to shape. Bake in a moderate oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

How to present the Easter butter cookies after baking: We prefer to present on a china plate with a light dusting of icing sugar. Some people like to add to the Easter theme by cutting the butter cookies into crosses, rabbits or egg shapes. These can then be decorated with ready made icing. Recipe provided by www.granniesunited.com