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How Does Cellulite form?

Causes of Cellulite: Current research shows that major causes of cellulite formation are correctable. By looking at these causes we can choose methods to combat these processes and eliminate the problem. Nearly all cellulite is produced by a combination of the following causes: Ageing, Connective Tissue, Poor Circulation, Toxin Build-up, Hormonal Imbalance & Heredity.

Connective Tissue: Part of the ageing process is the weakening of connective tissues in our bodies. Free radicals in our system promote this weakening. And the result is the abnormally shaped fat deposits called cellulite.

Circulation: Poor circulation causes many problems as we get older by limiting the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells in our bodies. This limited oxygen supply stops the burning of fat in the cellulite deposits worsening the problem.

Toxins: The world we live in is, unfortunately, filled with toxins. And as we age our decreased circulation makes it more difficult for the body to eliminate these. The toxins accumulate in the fat and weaken the structure of the fat cells.

Hormones: Estrogen is the main culprit here since part of the function of this hormone is to store fat in women for pregnancy. When the level of estrogen gets too high it adds to the fat storage problems.

Heredity: You may think that there is nothing you can do about this one. If cellulite runs in your family chances are you will get some also. But you can circumvent this by following the steps in this program and eliminate the other causes of the cellulite.