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The Cellulite Solution

You can rid yourself of cellulite permanently by combating the underlying causes of the problem. Research shows that a combination of exercise and nutrition can target the causes of cellulite and eliminate them. These suggestions really aren't miracles. They take a little time and effort. But they can work for you. The best part is that while you reduce your cellulite you will be improving your energy levels and greatly increasing general health.

Step 1 - Herbs, Nutrients and Diet... Improving circulation, flushing out toxins, strengthening cell connective tissue and limiting estrogen levels can all be aided by the right combination of herbs, vitamins and everyday diet. Just follow these simple guidelines: Using any or all of these herbs on a daily basis will help towards losing or developing Cellulite:

Bladderwrack: A form of seaweed high in iodine; stimulates the thyroid and increases metabolism. (If you have a thyroid condition consult your doctor before using bladderwrack).

Gotu Kola: Strengthens the skin and connective tissue helping to firm and reduce bumps. This herb has long been used in oriental cultures for its anti-ageing benefits. Studies indicate that it improves the capillary structure and helps with varicose veins as well.

Ginkgo Biloba: This herb is well known for increasing mental function. This is largely due to it's the ability to increase circulation and supply more oxygen to the cells. And the benefits of increased circulation are many: better general health, energy, the sexual response in addition to helping the body burn up the fat deposits in the cellulite. So use it to help eliminate cellulite and get your brain and body going at the same time.

Ginger Root: This wonderful herb has too many health benefits to list here. But many of these are related to gingers ability to enhance oxygen transport to the cells which are the primary reason the herbs are good for treating cellulite. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and can improve liver function, digestion and metabolism helping to eliminate toxins and burn fat deposits. Use ginger internally as well as externally for massage.

Evening Primrose Oil: The gamma-linoleic acid, linoleic acid and other nutrients in this oil are essential for cell structure and improve the elasticity of the skin. These fatty acids also help to regulate hormones and improve nerve function aiding problems ranging from PMS to migraine headaches.

Step 2 - Exercise and Massage: If you have tried any of the cellulite creams or pills on the market you probably already know that they are only minimally effective. Cellulite is a tough problem and the exercise and massage described here can greatly increase and speed results by improving circulation and oxygen transport to the cells.

Massage: You may already be aware of some of the benefits of massage and you may also know that the skin is very good at absorbing nutrients topically. So it should be easy to see that massaging the cellulite areas with the correct mixture of ingredients can help to speed the elimination of cellulite. There are a number of herbs that can improve the transport of oxygen to the cells and increase circulation which aids in the removal of toxins. Our "New Self" massage oil is designed specifically for aiding in breaking up cellulite and eliminating it. It is really quite simple to use for massage. Just put a small amount of the massage oil on the cellulite areas. Massage the cellulite areas yourself or have someone help you. Try to massage for at least five minutes and leave the massage mixture on the skin if possible. Do this every day if possible. The deeper the massage the better. Deep massage helps to break up the pockets of cellulite.

Exercise: You don't need an Olympic training program. In fact, if you have been somewhat sedentary you may want to check with your doctor for recommendations on getting started. But a regular moderate exercise program will greatly speed the elimination of cellulite when used with the massage, herbs and nutritional recommendations. And you should try to use both cardiovascular and muscle toning exercise. Cardiovascular exercise comes in many forms: walking, biking, swimming, aerobics class, running, tennis, etc. If you are just getting started, walking may be the best place to start. There is no equipment required. Just walk out the door and find a route that will take you 30 to 45 minutes to complete and do it every day. You will soon find yourself looking forward to your daily routine. Muscle toning exercises also come in many forms. Anything that tones the muscles of the legs and thighs will improve your appearance and stimulate circulation in problem areas. You may have access to weight training equipment at a local health club. Leg presses and leg lifts will work the most common areas of cellulite problems. You may prefer to use callisthenics exercises in your homes such as squats, front and rear leg lifts or leg raises, or pelvic tilt exercises. These types of exercises should be done on alternating days allowing the muscles to recover on off days.

Now you are ready to go. Start with the herbs and nutrition guidelines in Step 1, add a little exercise and massage, and start beating your cellulite problem today!