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Male Breast Enhancement - 2x 500ml Pure Herbal Tincture Kit
Male Breast Enhancement - 2x 500ml Pure Herbal Tincture Kit
Male Herbal Breast Growth Tincture Kit UK

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Product Information
Health Benefits

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa serulata) Ratio 1:2 - 500ml Organic Tincture
Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) Ratio 1:3 - 500ml Tincture

Two very high strength tinctures to ensure maximum active ingredients. They come in LARGE 500ml bottles so they work out to be very cost-effective.

Genetic males require Black Cohosh as part of their breast enhancement routine as it helps to counteract testosterone.

Saw Palmetto is another must for genetic males as it too helps balance testosterone levels and is also a proven breast enhancer, especially in genetic males. Saw Palmetto is a very popular treatment for prostate health, and one of the well known effects seen in men taking it for this reason, even in low doses, is breast growth.

Taking Saw Palmetto in higher doses, alongside Black Cohosh, is a great way for genetic males to gain breast tissue growth. Taking these herbs together, has produced great results in genetic males looking to enhance their breasts.

Liquid extracts work faster than other forms of supplementation as they are absorbed much more quickly into the body. Many customers also find it much easier to take tinctures in liquid form rather than swallowing lots of capsules.
  • Most people take around 1 teaspoonful of each herbal tincture, morning and evening. You could try taking the herbs with fresh orange juice as vitamin C aids nutrient absorption. Try to avoid normal tea, coffee and fizzy pop for at least half an hour before and after taking herbs (as caffeine and many additives inhibit nutrient absorption).

    A little of any of the tinctures can also be used for breast massage if desired. Tinctures are ideal for breast massage as the alcohol acts as an astringent and therefore helps aid absorption. Try to massage until the area feels warm as this is how you know the blood is pumping to that area.

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