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5-HTP Complex 100mg (with Vit B6, Vit B3, Avena Sativa & Magnesium) - 60 Vegan Tablets
Our Price: £15.95

Natures Aid 5-HTP Complex with avena sativa, magnesium and vitamins B3, B5 & B6. Each capsules contains 100mg. Vegan product.
Avena Relaxing Massage Oil - 100ml
Our Price: £7.95

Let your troubles float away with this soothing blend of essential oils that includes Lavender and Geranium. Infused with stress relieving properties, this wonderfully relaxing massage oil is the ideal tonic to a stressful day.

The careful blend of essential oils makes this treatment especially effective when calming and relaxing your body, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing and peace. This oil provides a wonderful massage glide and is rich in ingredients for nourishing, conditioning and moisturising the skin.

This oil is great for any kind of general massage. It is made with natural oils reputed to encourage physical calm, promote spiritual tranquillity, improve flexibility and range of motion in joints, improve circulation, increase the suppleness and elasticity of your muscles, help relax tight, tense muscles and aid restful sleep.
Avena Ylang Ylang Massage Oil - 100ml
Our Price: £7.95

A luxurious two in one bath or massage oil with the great scent and aphrodisiac properties of ylang ylang essential oil. A truly beautiful exotic and sensual fragrance that lifts depression and soothes fears and anxieties. Ylang ylang is also great for the skin and this oil has a smooth glide which is great for massage plus a wonderful aroma if used in the bath.
Passiflora (Lemon Balm & Avena Sativa) 250mg - 60 Tablets
Our Price: £6.95

‘A gentle formula for gentle people' is the best way to describe the most appropriate use of this vegan complex. The quiet person who dislikes confrontation, but also perhaps lacks confidence and worries too much is the type most likely to benefit from a combination specifically for anxiety and its secondary effects. It is intended for daytime use, since it won't cause drowsiness, and helping calm an anxious person during the day should help make sleeping easier.
Abluo Total Unwind Bath Oil - 200ml
Our Price: £14.95

By using essential oils reputed to be extremely effective against stress, anxiety and insomnia, also helping to combat fatigue and apathy, Abluo total unwind bath oil has to be a great choice, It is also used for improving spiritual and physical wellbeing, resulting in reduced anxiety and apprehension. Having a warm bath using this oil is a wonderful way to de-stress and revive your body and mind. Developed using the most positive mood enhancing oils, this powerful bath remedy will help to refresh and revive you in preparation for the next day’s challenges. Unlike many commercially available products, this formula contains very high quantities of oils, ensuring the most relaxing and tranquil of experiences and provide a wonderfully calming experience, reducing stress and stress related conditions, contributing towards the perfect nights sleep, reduces and suppress anxiety and facilitate the removal of stress hormones such as adrenaline.
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) 1:2 Ratio - 100ml Organic Tincture
Our Price: £9.95

Lemon Balm (Melissa) is a calming herb and may be found useful by people who suffer from anxiety and sleep disorders. It is thought that the volatile oils in lemon balm contain chemicals that relax muscles particularly in the bladder, stomach and uterus, thereby relieving cramps, gas and nausea.

Research has also shown that Lemon Balm contains polyphenols which seem to have anti-viral properties. Lemon Balm seems particularly effective against the cold sore herpes virus.

Our tinctures are suitable for vegetarians and the alcohol is gluten free.
St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) - 100ml Organic Tincture
Our Price: £8.95

St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) - 100ml Organic tincture. High strength 1:2 ratio.

This tincture is made with distilled alcohol, so it is yeast and gluten free. It is also suitable for vegetarians.
Lavender Crystals in Pouch
Our Price: £2.50

A lovely, small and compact bag of lavender crystals.  Ideal for handbags, drawers or even your pocket. Lavender is renowned for its soft aroma with relaxing properties. The bag is actually cream with a lavender flower embroidered on the front and a white string bow fastener. 5cm long and 4cm wide.
Avena Lavender Massage/Bath Oil - 100ml
Our Price: £7.95

A wonderful bath and massage oil all in one with the great relaxing fragrance of top quality fresh Lavender essential oil. For a lovely relaxing bath pour small amount into warm water and mix well before slipping in and floating away with the naturally fragranced water and emerge relaxed and refreshed with a beautiful lavender aroma around you. For massage use a small amount warmed in palms first, keep touch light and sensitive for a relaxing massage helping to calm both mind and body.
Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis) 450mg - 100x Pure Herb Capsules
Our Price: £9.45

Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis) pure herb capsules (450mg per capsule). Vegetarian product.

Our capsules are vegetarian and contain pure, dried herbs with no fillers at all. This is very rare! It's also the reason they are better than tablets.