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Potassium 100mg - 30 Vegan Tablets
Our Price: £3.45

The power-packed punch of Potassium in a tablet.
Essential for the healthy functioning of the heart muscle and maintaining correct blood pressure.
Maintains fluid retention and so eliminates water retention.
100mg of this essential mineral in a readily absorbed format.
Zinc Citrate 10mg Zinc - 90 Vegan Tablets
Our Price: £4.95

Zinc Citrate 10mg of zinc in the excellent citrate form. Many people find zinc citrate provides more efficient absorption and utilisation by the body.

The human body contains a mere two grams of Zinc and its importance to good nutrition has only been recognised in recent years. It is associated with the activity of a wide-range of enzymes, which work with red blood cells to transport carbon dioxide to the lungs. It aids the absorption of B vitamins and Phosphorous, promotes normal growth, aids fertility, helps maintain a healthy liver, maintains our senses of smell, taste and vision and is a vital factor in many life processes, such as proper immune function.
Multimins (with 9 essential major & trace minerals) - 60 Vegetarian Tablets
Our Price: £5.95

A vegetarian product with 9 essential major & trace minerals!
Comprehensive combinations of essential major and trace minerals. Suitable for people from all walks of life.
Selenium 50µg (Organic) - 90x Vegan tablets
Our Price: £5.95

Selenium is a key antioxidant nutrient and functions with vitamin A and
Beta Carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. These specialised nutrients are
called 'antioxidants' because they prevent free radical damage to body
cells due to oxidation. Selenium may have a balancing effect on the body
by helping to control the production of prostaglandins (hormone-like
compounds that control many body functions). It may also have an
important role in the body's basal metabolism, and help to maintain a
healthy blood pressure.
Calcium (with Magnesium & Vit D) - 30 Vegetarian Tablets
Our Price: £5.95

Calcium Plus is a fantastic combination of readily-absorbed Calcium and Magnesium sources, with vitamin D for maximum uptake.
Super Choline (Choline & Pantothenic Acid) - 60 Vegetarian Tablets
Our Price: £5.95

A peace of mind combination of Choline and vitamin B5, providing the right balance for acetyl-choline (an essential neuro-transmitter) production.
Natures Aid Vitamin D3 25mcg (1000 iu) - 90 Tablets
Our Price: £6.50

Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, muscle function and the immune system.
Everyday Woman (Vits & Mins for Women) 30 Vegetarian Tablets
Our Price: £6.75

Unique one-a-day multivitamin and mineral combination designed especially for women of all ages. A potent one-a-day supplement that does it all.
Vitamin C - Super C 1000 - 60 Vegetable Tablets
Our Price: £6.95

Vitamin C is recognized as a powerful natural protector, involved in nearly 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is also a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier and, when taken daily, appears to reduce the risk of viral attack. Vitamin C can also help assist in the production of collagen - a protein that is the body's building block for all connective tissue, cartilage, bones, teeth, skin and tendons. It also plays a role in the growth and repair of tissue, helps to maintain the function of the immune system and provides a protective role as a free radical scavenger.
On Form For Men - 30 Vegetarian Tablets
Our Price: £6.95

The ultimate all-round vitamin & mineral vegetarian tablet designed for men.
Filling the nutritional gap created by hectic lifestyles, unbalanced diets or both!
Several times the strength of regular supermarket one-a-day multivitamins for men.