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All our Herbal Teas contain Pure Herbs.

In this section we offer high quality products, all sourced from suppliers based in the UK (covered by UK trading laws).
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Nettle Leaf Tea (Loose Leaf) - 50g Box Peppermint Tea (Loose Leaf) - 100g Box Lemon Verbena (Loose Leaf) - 50g Box
Nettle Leaf Loose Leaf Tea (EU Regulated Quality) - 100gram Box (Caffeine Free) Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea (EU Regulated Quality) - 100 gram Box (Caffeine Free) Lemon Verbena Loose Leaf Tea (EU Regulated Quality) - 50 gram Box
Green Tea (Loose Leaf) - 100g Box Chamomile Flowers (Loose Leaf Tea) - 50g Box Che Mate Drinking Gourd & Bombilla - Boxed Set
Green Tea Loose Leaf Tea (EU Regulated Quality) - 100 gram Box (Caffeine Free) Chamomile Flowers Loose Leaf Tea (EU Regulated Quality) - 50 gram Box Ché Maté Drinking Gourd Drink Maté "the South American way" using a traditional Maté Gourd with Bombilla, which consists of a natural drinking cup and a metal drinking straw that filters the leaves. The loose leaf tea for this product can be found here: Che Mate Loose Leaf Tea Maté Gourd (natural calabash):

The word Maté [Ma-tey] comes from the quechua word mati = vessel in which it is brewed. It has also been used in other languages to describe the fruit og the South American plant Lagenaria Vulgaris, belonging to the gourd family. Instructions for curing and cleaning a mate gourd:

(Preparing your mate gourd for first use and regular maintenance)

Fill 2/3 of the gourd with “Ché Mate® Pure Green Maté with stems” and add hot water to the brim. Once the leaves have soaked up the water, top up and leave to macerate for at least 24 hours. Discard the leaves and, with the help of a spoon, scrape off the rest of the gourd’s inner skin, which will have softened. Empty and rinse the gourd that is now ready to drink mate “the South American way”. After every use the Maté Gourd should be emptied, rinsed and allowed to dry. Please avoid detergents! Bombilla (filtering straw):

The bombilla [bom-bee-ya] is a vital accessory for drinking Maté “the South American way”. It filters the leaves in the gourd to stop the infusion from clogging. The bottom end of the bombilla acts as a small strainer through which the infusion is filtered. The mouthpiece is usually gold plated to prevent the metal from overheating.

Looking after the bombilla:

Before using it for the first time and after every use, we recommend you rinse the bombilla in hot running water. At regular intervals, unscrew the strainer to disassemble it and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid using detergents, as they may affect the taste of futures mates.